Frequently Asked Questions

How did you become a professional animal communicator?

As a young child I wanted desperately to be able to talk to animals but I couldn’t. (Well, actually I WAS talking with them telepathically but I didn’t realize it at the time.) I was sure I could do it if I just learned how, but all the adults in my life said it was impossible. Being a logical thinker by nature I decided to look for scientific proof that telepathy was real. I studied whatever I could find on every psychic/ intuitive topic looking for answers. I proved many things to my own satisfaction.

Through the years I used animal communication with my own pets and a few friends’ animals but kept my interest hidden from most people. I had a ‘serious’ career as a computer systems developer and didn’t need people thinking I was crazy for believing in this stuff. Eventually I reached a point where the animals I encountered would no longer let me pretend I couldn’t hear them. Some actually got angry when I tried to tune them out, yelling at me telepathically that “we know you can hear us!” Some would tell me of another animal’s health or emotional issue and ask me to intervene. Others just wanted me to acknowledge them.

These wonderful persistent animals made me realize their need for meaningful human-animal communication is as strong as their caretakers’ desire to learn their thoughts and understand them better. I decided to take their career advice and opened my practice in 2011.

How does AC work for you? What do you receive?

I receive the information with all of my senses but most of the communication is done in words and images. I actually hear your animals speaking to me in sentences (somehow it gets translated back and forth in English). I receive images and videos they choose to share and also get sounds, smells and tastes (but usually I try to avoid getting smells and tastes from your dog!). I can sense their emotions and how their physical body feels. In addition to the information that I receive directly from your animal, I may also receive information from universal knowledge or from spirits who are looking out for them. I act as a translator for you. I try to keep my own personal beliefs and judgments out of the conversation and focus on what the animals tell me. I allow them to direct the conversation within the framework of your questions and concerns.

What types of animals do you talk to?

I work with all kinds of household pets and barn animals in my practice. Most people ask me to speak with their horses, cats and dogs. It doesn't matter if I'm familiar with your species of animal, breed or show discipline because I'm talking one-on-one with an individual, not basing my answers on how a specific type should act.

What geographic area do you serve?

My clients are all over the world. It's just as easy to establish a telepathic connection with an animal in front of me as it is with one halfway around the world. I've helped people and their animals in my home state of Ohio and across the US as well as in Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and elsewhere.

Why emailed sessions? Do you do "live" phone sessions?

I specialize in doing all sessions "offline" and contact you later with the results rather than be on the phone or in person with you. Focusing solely on the animal as we're speaking allows the animal and I to go deeper into the conversation and obtain better results for you. Emailing your report seems to work best because you and I don't have to coordinate schedules, and you don't have to try to take notes while we're on the phone. You have the transcipt to read and reread at your leisure.

Can I split a session between two animals?

Yes, a 30-minute session can be split between two animals; longer sessions may be split between more animals. Custom options can be arranged depending on your needs. Just ask.

How do I prepare for a session?

Think about what you'd like to accomplish with this communication. Create a list of questions or topics you'd like me to discuss with your pet. If you're not sure what to ask or how many questions we'll have time to address, let me know and we can develop the list together. It can be helpful if you tell your animal that I'll be contacting them and what you've asked me to discuss. This way they can think about their answers ahead of time. Just tell them out loud, they'll understand.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Just about anything! Some common things people want me to ask their animals are: Are you happy? What are your likes, dislikes? What can we do to make your life better? Do you have any questions or anything you want to say to your person? Do you like your job, your daily routine, your living arrangements? How does your body feel? Why do you do _____? Why won't you do _____? Some people ask philosophical or spiritual questions, or want to know how to help the animal fulfill its purpose in life. You can also give your animal information through me, such as explaining changes coming up in your household like moving, new pets, or new people. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your curiosity.

For animals who have crossed, is there a waiting period to contact them?

Communicating with pets from their new life in spirit can be very healing. There is no need to wait to communicate with them. They do go through a settling in process (which varies considerably for each individual) but are happy to communicate at any step. It doesn't disturb them to be contacted.

For some people it's best to wait until they're over their initial intense grief to have a session, so they can be more calm and open to the information. But for others, the session is a needed step in processing their emotions and is more helpful right away. Many clients choose to do a session immediately upon their pet's passing then a follow up a few months later. I think the best guideline is when it feels right to you, then it's the right time.

Behavior and Training Issues

My approach to behavior and training problems is to explain the situation to your animal from your perspective, then ask for the animal's thoughts and point of view. It's critical to first understand why the animal is acting the way it is. I explain the behavior changes you want to see, why it's important to you, and ask the animal if it is willing to change. If not, I find out why and try to negotiate a change. The information the animal shares should help you come up with a solution together. Sometimes just talking through the problem with your animals creates a positive change in their behavior. Other times you'll need to modify your own behavior, habits, or training techniques. I can't make your animals change, any more than you can make your children do anything! They have free will the same as you. By improving communication with the animals in our lives we understand each other better, and it becomes easier to create a happier, more peaceful living situation for everyone.

Medical Issues

Your animal can describe how its body feels and what it thinks makes the problem better or worse. I do not diagnose illnesses, but sometimes I'm able to 'see' which part of the body has a medical issue or sense an energy block in their body. I do not want anyone making medical decisions based solely on information received intuitively. I could be wrong in my interpretation of what your pet was trying to tell me, or your pet may not know what's wrong or know if the condition is serious or not. I recommend you use this info as a piece of the puzzle and look for physical evidence to clarify.

Does it really work?

This is the most common question I'm asked by people who haven't experienced animal communication yet. The answer is yes! Trying to communicate with your animals without telepathy is similar to trying to communicate with a person who speaks a different language. You would be able to understand each other a little but would only be able to convey simple ideas. Bring in a translator, and suddenly you can understand much more and build the relationship. I am able to act as that translator for you.

I'm skeptical...

I completely understand. I was the ultimate skeptic myself for many years before I finally realized that the experiences I was having were real. Opening up to the reality of telepathy and animal consciousness is often a long process that requires you to question what you were taught. My position is that I don't try to convince anyone. But if you'd like to try it, I'd be happy to work with you and your animals to help you discover what it's all about.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are available in any denomination. Gifts of a standard 30-minute session may be purchased through Online Booking. For other denominations, contact me with your request. When purchasing a gift certificate online, the certificate is generated immediately and you can print it or email it to the recipient. Gift certificates are valid for one year.

Still have questions?

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