Animal Communicator Eileen Leskovec


General Info

During a consultation I connect telepathically with your pet to talk over your questions or concerns and receive any information your pet wishes to share. After our talk I will contact you via email or phone with a detailed account of our session. Most sessions are completed within 5-10 days. I work on cases in the order they're received but do not schedule specific dates and times. You'll receive an acknowledgement from me within 1-2 days of your request to let you know when I plan to talk with your animal. Lost pet cases are handled first.

To prepare for your session, create a list of questions or topics you would like me to discuss with your pet. If you're not sure what to ask, let me know and we can develop the list together. You can prepare your animals by letting them know I will be getting in touch, and that it's ok with you to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. (You can simply tell them this out loud, they'll understand!) You do not need to schedule 'free time' in your pet's day, the communication works regardless of what he or she is doing.

I offer two standard session lengths, 15 and 30 minutes. For most people a 30 minute session is the best choice for answering a list of questions, learning what your animal thinks about his life in general, or for addressing behavioral or medical issues. The 15 minute session is useful for following up on previous issues, checking in with your pets while you're on vacation, or just a quick chat from time to time to see what's on their mind.
     A package rate is also available. Purchase a block of 60 minutes and use it as needed, in increments of 15 or 30 minutes per session. This is a good option for multi-pet households, behavior and training situations, or the process of integrating new pets to your household.

Lost Pets

Lost pet consultations combine direct telepathic communication with your pet along with other techniques to get details of their current location, health, and emotional state. I can usually see the general route the animal took and how far it traveled, and also see some details of the surroundings.

This is very difficult work and I want you to have realistic expectations. When animals are stressed it can be hard for them to communicate clearly. There are amazing success stories where a lost animal tells me where it is and the person instantly recognizes the description and finds the pet quickly. Those are not typical. In most cases, the description the animal gives me will help you narrow down the search area but it will not be enough to lead you directly to them. For example the animal might indicate that it ran a few blocks away to the north, passed a parking lot, and is hanging out by some houses with cars in the driveway and so on. It helps, but it still leaves a wide area to search.

In addition to trying to locate your pet I give him as much advice as I can to help him be calm, stay safe, find food and shelter, and return home or make it easier to be found. I usually spend at least 45 minutes talking with the animal for an initial lost pet session and 30 minutes during updates.

I handle missing animal cases on a priority basis, often within 1-2 days, but I may not be able to get to your case immediately. Please continue to search for your pet while you wait to hear from me. If your pet is found before I contact him, I will refund your payment.