About Sessions/My Process

Animal communication sessions can cover any topic or need you have, for any species of companion animal, living or crossed over. Get to know your animals on a deeper level as the thinking sentient beings they are, work through behavior and training issues, gain insights to help you take better care of their physical and emotional health, support them through aging and end-of-life concerns, and connect with them after they have crossed over.

My process begins with a list of questions, topics and messages you have prepared for your animal. I connect telepathically with your pet from a distance, without the animal or you being present with me or on the phone. The animal and I have a two-way conversation and go over your items, allowing the animal's responses to steer the conversation as needed. After, I send you a detailed written transcript as the session unfolded, with the words, emotions, images and other information the animal shared and any other impressions I picked up.

Ordering your session

My ordering process is easy and informal. Contact me by email or phone to request a session. Within a few days I’ll get in touch to let you know the date I’ll be talking with your animal but not a specific time. You can provide your animal's details and your questions/topics when you request your session or any time up to the evening before the session.

Payment is requested prior to your session and reserves your time on my calendar. Payment options are PayPal, check/money order, or any electronic method that sends money to an email address.

To prepare for your session think about what you’d like to accomplish with this communication. Create a list of questions or topics you’d like me to discuss with your pet. If you're not sure what to ask, let me know and we can develop a plan together.

Provide basic identifying info for the animal: Name, approximate age, and breed or a general physical description. I prefer to have a photo of the animal but that's optional. The best photo is fairly recent but any will do.

You can prepare your animals by letting them know I will be getting in touch, and that it's ok with you to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. (You can simply tell them this out loud, they'll understand!)

The session: On the scheduled day of your session, there's no need to do anything special or alter your routines in any way. You go about your normal day and so does your pet. The communication works regardless of what he or she is doing. (If I sense your animal is busy or too distracted when I contact them, such as a horse being ridden, I’ll connect with them later.) I contact the animal directly mind-to-mind and we talk over your questions/topics, creating the detailed written transcript which is emailed to you the same day.

After your session: I try to be as clear as I can in the transcript but there may be times something isn’t understood or needs clarification. I am happy to answer any questions based on the talk. (I do not re-connect with the animal.)

I welcome any feedback you care to share, whether immediately after the session or later when you’ve have time to process.

Session lengths

A standard session for one animal is 30 minutes. This is the best choice if you want to ask a list of general questions, solve a behavioral issue, obtain details on an animal’s health, or connect with an animal who has crossed over.

15 minute sessions are useful for quick check-in to see how your pets are doing, follow up on health issues, behavior tune-ups, or a short list of questions.

These are guidelines. Custom options can be worked out if I’ve talked to your pets before or for ongoing threads.

Split sessions / Multiple animals

Sessions 30 minutes and longer can be split between animals. A general guideline is to allow at least 15 minutes per pet to give each enough time to respond thoughtfully.

If you purchase a block of 60 minutes or more you may use it in increments of 15 minutes or more as needed. This gives you a cost savings over purchasing sessions individually. (Sorry, 30 minute sessions may not be split this way.) This is a good option for multi-pet households, behavior and training situations, the process of integrating new pets to your household, or any other situation when you anticipate wanting several sessions.

If it's practical I can talk to several of your animals at the same time during a session. There are times when this is beneficial to enable all the animals to listen to each other and work together.

Lost-Missing Pets

Lost pet consultations combine direct telepathic communication with your pet along with other techniques to get details of their current location, health, and emotional state. I can usually see the general route the animal took and how far it traveled, and also see some details of the surroundings.

This is very difficult work and I want you to have realistic expectations. When animals are stressed it can be hard for them to communicate clearly. There are amazing success stories where a lost animal tells me where it is and the person instantly recognizes the description and finds the pet quickly. Those are not typical. In most cases, the description the animal gives me will help you narrow down the search area but it will not be enough to lead you directly to them. For example the animal might indicate that it ran a few blocks away to the north, passed a parking lot, and is hanging out by some houses with cars in the driveway and so on. It helps, but it still leaves a wide area to search.

In addition to trying to locate your pet I give him as much advice as I can to help him be calm, stay safe, find food and shelter, and return home or make it easier to be found. I usually spend at least 45 minutes talking with the animal for an initial lost pet session and 30 minutes during updates.

I handle missing animal cases on a priority basis, often within 1-2 days, but I may not be able to get to your case immediately. Please contact me to check availability before sending payment, and continue to search for your pet while you wait to hear from me. If your pet is found before I contact him, I will refund your payment.

For more information or to order a session: