As an animal communicator I help animals and their people develop a deeper understanding of each other and resolve the issues they face. I use telepathy and intuitive communication to hear, see and feel your animal's thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. I act as a translator to get answers to questions you have for your pets and relay messages from the animals to you.

My goal is to help animals lead better lives by improving communication between people and their pets.



Some of the ways you and your animals can benefit from an animal communication session with Eileen are:

General understanding, get to know your animals better, learn what they've been trying to tell you, understand what they want to improve their lives.

Behavior and training, understand why your animal is behaving badly and what they need in order to change, help stop inappropriate behavior, understand why training has stalled, improve communication to gain cooperation.

New animals and multi-pet households, prepare your existing animals for the new arrival, ease introductions to prevent issues, help all your pets learn to get along. Get to know your newly-adopted animal, understand how the animal's past may be affecting its behavior.

Preparing for change, such as new home, new baby, kids going to off to college, vacation, horse moving to a new barn. Help avoid problems by letting your animal know ahead of time what to expect, and address their fears and concerns.

Litter box and housebreaking issues, understand your cat's or dog's reasons for inappropriate elimination and work together on a solution.

Physical issues, learn what pain and other symptoms the animal feels, and what they would like you to do for them. Help find causes of unexplained performance problems in horses.

Aging pets and end-of-life issues, help your older animals be more comfortable, understand what they need and want from you and their daily life, know when it's time to say goodbye.

Deceased pets, have an opportunity to express your final thoughts, get answers to any questions you may still have, and receive messages from your pet.

Lost pets, help locate and track missing pets.